Saturday, 5 November 2016

Contemplative Photography

On Sunday, November 6, I will be speaking about contemplative photography at the Prince Edward County Photography Club in Wellington, Ontario. Here are screen captures of the 72 PowerPoint slides that I will be using. Enjoy!

Storm clouds at sunset, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Power lines at dawn on Highway 2, west of Napanee, Ontario.

Detail of "Lineal Order" by George Boileau, Symphony Place, Simcoe Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Farm gate near Hay Bay, Ontario.

Photograph of Larry Tayler recorded by Susan Armstrong, Tett Centre, Kingston, Ontario.

Early morning sun reflected in window of house on Crestview, Avenue, Belleville, Ontario.

Royal Canadian Air Force officer at the 2015 Belleville Remembrance Day Service.

Moira River from the Grand Junction Railway Bridge, Mudcat Road, Foxboro, Ontario.

Glass wall block at Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre, Belleville, Ontario.

Garden decoration, Farley Avenue, Belleville, Ontario.

Sleigh on roof of a small cabin on a trailer, Herchimer Avenue boat launch area, Belleville, Ontario. Purpose? Unknown.

"Creepy Hand" - Suit display in window of Harry Rosen store, First Canadian Place, 
Toronto, Ontario.

St. Kilda beach, Melbourne, Australia.

Tulip tree, Crestview Avenue, Belleville, Ontario.

Monarch butterfly, Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Brighton, Ontario.

Photographed at abandoned steel mill, western Pennsylvania.

Main lawn, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Patio, Haehn Campus Center, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Corridor window, Luetmer student residence, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Fire hydrant outlets, Menard's Hardware store, St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Pens in campus store, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Parking lot, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Cemetery for Benedictine nuns, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Outside Gorceki (pr Gretzki) Dining and Conference Center, College of Saint Benedict, 
St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Statue of Benedictine nun by Joseph O'Connell in Sacred Heart Chapel, Benedictine Monastery, 
St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Shadow of water tower, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Scarf in campus store, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Flower garden, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Giant crocuses in gardens of the Festival Theatre, Stratford Festival, Stratford, Ontario. 

Kerri's trivet, Toronto, Ontario.

Indoor fountain, seen from below, at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.

Large photo-mural on southwest wall of St. Michael's Hospital, Queen Street East at Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario

View of buildings on Dundas Street West from Galleria Italia, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario. Architect: Frank Gehry.

Visitor sitting on one of Joe Fafard's cows, Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario.

Milford Fair parade, Milford, Ontario.

Visitor sitting in the Pan American Games TORONTO sign installation, City Hall, Toronto, Ontario.

Professor David Lyon speaking at a Later Life Learning Belleville lecture, 
St. Thomas' Anglican Church, Belleville, Ontario.

Edna and Otis, not pleased about being left alone...yet again.

Canadian Pacific Railway bridge across Moira River, Belleville, Ontario.

Platter of heritage tomatoes at annual Labour Day Heirloom Hurrah, 
Vicki's Veggies, Black Creek, Ontario.

Japanese Maple tree, Kitchener, Ontario.

Winter boat storage, Picton Bay, Picton, Ontario.

Bill's precious Christmas tree angel.

Sunset, Dundas Street East, Belleville, Ontario.

Gay Pride Parade, Kingston, Ontario.

Laneway, Melbourne, Australia

Neon lights, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto Eaton Centre display window, Toronto, Ontario.

Field south of Campbellford, Ontario, on County Road 8.

Remembrance Day service, 2015, Belleville, Ontario.

Interior of Larry's washing machine, Crestview Avenue, Belleville, Ontario.

Detail from a Bill Stearman quilt.


  1. So that's what it is! Your washing machine! And here I'd always assumed it was some arcane camera bit. Love this presentation, will visit often.

    1. That's me - cheap and sleazy - didn't have to get a signed release from the washing machine!