Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Inner Life of Inanimate Things

“Still lives that won’t hold still...”
- Teju Cole

The latest New York Times Magazine (September 10, 2017) included “On Photography”, Teju Cole’s always-welcome monthly column. Today, he wrote a textured, multi-layered appreciation of Marie Cosindas, the great pioneer of colour photography who died recently at the age of 93. (link) I always enjoy reading Cole’s intelligent, nuanced opinions about photography, his thoughts on Marie Cosindas being no exception.

One of his lines resonated very strongly with me. Cosindas’ work, Cole said, “...constituted a highly personal vision of reality enamoured of theatrical effects and attuned to the inner life of inanimate objects.”

The concept of inanimate objects having an inherent reality separate from the human perception of that reality has always fascinated me. I’m beginning to realize that this inherent reality has become an important theme in my photography. Treating inanimate objects with respect and dignity encourages me to see them as part of life’s continuum and to perceive their particular beauty as life-affirming. I need to do more thinking about this idea in the months ahead, but I offer these images as Step One of the process.

All the photos were recorded this week, most at the Picton Fair on Friday. Enjoy!

Tractor Seat

Cascading Stuffed Animals on the Midway

And Angry Tractor? Looks like an Angry Bird!

Royal Canadian Air Force Cadet Mannequin

Prince Edward County Curling Club

Sail Boat on Frankford Road, North of Belleville

Screwed - Totally Screwed! Part of the Antique Tractor Collection

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