Sunday, 8 December 2019

Blog Post - 8 December 2019: Toronto Textures, Part 2

A follow-up to last week’s photos.

What delights me most about this series of photos is the variety colours, even the grey tone images. On a spectacularly beautiful late autumn day in the city, all of these images leapt out at me and yelled, “Me! Me! Photograph me!” And I was happy to oblige.

One of the most engaging aspects photography for me is how it integrates my eyesight with my camera. The camera almost becomes a surrogate for my eyes – a parallel and complementary way of seeing. The camera strengthens the discernment of my eyes – my eyes see more when I have my camera; my camera performs better when it follows the lead of my eyes. It’s almost a symbiotic relationship. Long may it be.

I hope you enjoy these urban images. Next week, I’ll dive into the joys of nighttime Santa Claus parades!

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