Sunday, 15 December 2019

Blog Post - December 15, 2019 - "There Goes Santa Claus"

I have always enjoyed Christmas. When I was a kid, it seemed that the entire autumn was spent preparing for the holiday at our house. For weeks, my sister and I practised tiptoeing down the stairs to our living room – not an easy task, given the creakiness of the stairs – so we could check out the glories under The Tree early on Christmas morning without waking up our parents.

Then there were the Christmas Eve rituals: we sang carols around the untuned piano in the dining room; I read the Christmas story in the Bible, checking out the front window occasionally for any bright stars; mom prepared a small plate with two cookies and a glass of eggnog for Santa; and, most importantly, my sister and I stayed on our very best behaviour just in case ‘You Know Who’ was checking to see if we were being naughty (my sister) or nice (pious me). 

And all of this over sixty years ago, on a distant galaxy, far, far away...

Today’s Christmas-themed photos: most come from the Bloomfield and Belleville evening Santa Claus parades. Precious little Christougenniatikophobia 
(fear of Christmas) here, although the photos of Santa Claus are a tad creepy. Maybe even Clausophobic?. 

Enjoy, even if Christmas is not one of your traditions.

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