Monday, 9 April 2018

Lovin' Toronto for the Umpteenth Time


“Toronto is a city that has yet to fall in love with itself.”
 - Pier Giorgio Di Cicco,
Toronto’s Poet Laureate, 2004-2009

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Although I admire the poetry of Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, I am exasperated by this quotation. It reminds me of the insipid questions that Toronto reporters breathlessly asked second-rate stars at the Toronto International Film Festival in the 1990s: “Whadaya think of Toronto? Do you like us?”

How cringingly embarrassing.

Back in the 1990s, Toronto wasn’t used to the world’s media glare. It brought out the city’s insecurities and clumsiness.

Me? I didn’t give a rat’s ass what Hollywood thought of Toronto. Still don’t. 

But oh, how Toronto has changed! That stylish swagger you see sashaying down Queen Street says it all: Bring on the world, ‘cause the world lives here!

Which is one of the reasons I love this big, brawling, annoying city, a city I called home for thirty years. Even though I left Toronto four years ago when Bill and I retired to Belleville, I have never lost my love of the place. And I return whenever I can, in search of beauty, weirdness, and wondrous humanity.

Which is why this week’s blog posting (and next week’s, likely) will feature selections from my latest crop of Toronto photos.

Today’s photos come from a stroll through my old neighbourhood along Danforth Avenue – aka, ‘The Danforth’ – on Easter Saturday. Enjoy.

Tax return time on The Danforth

Telephone Signal Box, Greenwood Avenue

ValuMart, Danforth Avenue at Woodbine Avenue

Garage Door near Woodmount Avenue

Playground, R. H. McGregor Elementary School,
Coxwell Avenue at Sammon Avenue

Discards on Springdale Boulevard 

Faux Fur Discards on Woodmount Avenue

Paintings in Chris' dining room

Angry cat on Chris' kitchen window 

Timely reminder from a coffee shop near Woodbine Avenue

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