Monday, 2 April 2018

Searching for Poetry

“The purpose of poetry is to awaken sleepers 
by means other than shock.”
- Denise Levertov, American Poet

Last week, I overheard someone, somewhere utter the words, “I’m searching for poetry.” I don’t remember who, when, where, or why, but the words lodged in my subconscious and only surfaced when I came across Denise Levertov’s quotation. I’d been searching for a theme for this week’s blog post – and suddenly, there it was!  

That’s what I do with my camera – I search for poetry.

I want to do more thinking – and photography – with that thought in mind, but for the time being, today’s blog post is a first run at trying to understand photography as visual poetry. In the same manner, I believe my husband’s quilts are also visual poetry.

For today, here are ten photos than I made last week, each of which is a form of visual poetry.

Nine of the photos come from a Good Friday visit to the newly reopened Canada Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. What a fine museum! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, especially because the museum was packed with hundreds of children having a great time.

The only non-museum photo is of Otis, our dear miniature longhaired dachshund, a dog that Bill saved from premature death almost seven years ago. Surely this photo of Otis sleeping qualifies as visual poetry.

I hope you enjoy the photos!



  1. The final two images...poems that stay with me. One serene, the other with such energy and movement - disturbing (what is it I'm pondering over, incidentally?)

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Red steps lead up to the lighthouse at the entrance to the Canada Museum of Science and Technology. The second is a close up of a huge enlargement of some microfibre...or at least I think it is. Signage wasn’t clear. I prefer to think of it as poetry!