Monday 2 November 2020

Taking My Time... Blog Post, 2 November 2020

Taking My Time...

Blog Post, 02 November 20

My blog posts have been irregular since Bill and I moved to Picton in September. Not only has life been busy with all the usual things accompanying a move, but it's also been a time of reflection for me: what do I want to do with this blog, now that I've moved back to Prince Edward County? And what do I want to do with my photography? How will my photography change without regular trips to Toronto and Australia to indulge my love of street photography?

In September, I saw myself waiting for inspiration to answer these questions. But now that we're nicely settled into Picton and sensing life's new rhythms, I don't think I'm waiting for inspiration at all. Wrong metaphor!

Instead, I'm actively seeking clarity, examining options, and setting priorities for my photography. Sitting around and waiting for inspiration is not my style! If there's one thing I've learned about creativity, it's that it doesn't happen when I'm passively waiting for an idea to strike. I'm at my most creative when I'm busily photographing, processing, and writing. It's in the doing that the ideas flow for me.

And in these two months in Prince Edward County, I have been doing a lot of photography and studying my craft. I'm very excited about the first draft of a photography book I have created using the Blurb module on Lightroom. The four-part online course from Maine Media Workshops (link) about using Lightroom for book publishing was enormously helpful. And I'm also excited about totally rethinking and upgrading my website, blog, and social media presence. More about that later.

So this is a time of renewal and regeneration, not a time of waiting around for the Muse to strike. I'll post more as the process unfolds.

Meanwhile, here are some photos I made at glorious Bon Echo Provincial Park on 24 September of this year. Enjoy!

As always, I appreciate your support.