Monday, 26 September 2016

Listening with Your Eyes!

“Listening with your eyes…”
- Peter West Nutting, Quaker Photographer

“Listening with your eyes...hearing with your heart…”
- Dawn Kincade, Multisensory Photography

“Listen with the eye – wherever the eye falls is the face of creation.”
- Sufi Saying

“Listening to someone is an extraordinary gift.”
- Kio Stark, author of When Strangers Meet:
How People You Don’t Know Can Transform You

The past week has brought an extraordinary parade of colour into my life. Wherever my eyes roamed, they were rewarded with rich, joyous, extravagant colour. What a gift! The Quaker photographer, Peter West Nutting, refers to appreciating this kind of visual magic as "listening with your eyes."

As a way of giving thanks for these colourful blessings, I’m posting these images, all recorded in the last seven days. Enjoy!

Hood ornament on a 1930s Buick, Victoria Avenue, Belleville

Bicycle helmet, Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre

Pocked front of a VIA engine, Belleville

Detail of Bill's glorious quilting

Food racks at Belleville's 200-year-old Farmers' Market

Unlikely treasures at the Hay Bay Church (1792)

Hollyhocks outside Hay Bay Church

Mailbox near Hay Bay

Fabulous fence ropes near Hay Bay

Happy flowers near Hay Bay

Hmmm - on a tree near Napanee. A mystery.

Freight car graffiti, Belleville

More freight car graffiti, Belleville

Bill's Middle Eastern vegetables, awaiting the turkey.

Steps on a CN engine, Belleville

Amazing sky and hydro wires, Belleville

So green - plants outside the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre

Glorious orange in a planter outside the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre

Beauty in our kitchen.

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