Saturday 12 November 2016


On November 11th each year, I am drawn genetically to the local cenotaph to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony. It’s important for me each year to honour the military sacrifices of my family in both World Wars: Grandpa Tayler in World War One; Dad, Uncle Mel, Aunt Jeanne, Uncle Bill, Uncle Homer, Aunt Lesley in World War Two. And to remember the other members of my family who participated in the war effort by farming, folding bandages for the Red Cross, and generally keeping things going on the home front while the war went on elsewhere. And to recall the horrors and the carnage beyond our family farm…the heroism and the lost innocence of countless millions.

A time to remember…reflect…honour the lives and suffering of so many people.

In that spirit, I offer this visual essay of the faces I saw at yesterday’s Remembrance Day Ceremony in Belleville. Thank you to them all.

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