Wednesday 18 January 2017

Hanging Up The Bracket...

“The day I’m not improving will be the day I hang up my racket.”
- Venus Williams

With apologies to Venus Williams, my blog posting today starts with adventures in bracketing, as in Automatic Exposure Bracketing, AEB for short. Until yesterday’s session of the photography course I’m currently taking at the Art Gallery of Ontario, I didn’t know such a thing as AEB existed. In fact, when Janieta introduced AEB to the class, I thought she said AED, as in Automatic External Defibrillator. Ah well – I guess my mind needed a jolt, even if my heart didn’t.

And, just like Venus Williams, I continue to improve as a photographer, so I guess neither one of us has to hang up our rackets/brackets.

In addition to AEB, yesterday’s session focused on experimenting: multiple exposures, continuous shooting, contre-jour (photographing into the light), ISO/light sensitivity settings, automatic timers, shutter speeds, and generally having a fine time with my fellow students and my camera in the Galleria Italia at the AGO. Next week’s class is about composition – my eyes and camera are looking forward to more adventures!

Meanwhile, here are some of my unedited photos from yesterday’s class. Enjoy!

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