Monday 21 August 2017

Photography as Poetry

poetry is photography:
the photography of your soul
it begins as an observation captured in a stuttering syntax:
the lens of your soul towards a subject, a metaphor, a line
within you, within the world, within the two
...if poetry should ever be photography – then –
it would be the photography of one’s soul.

- SH, 2011

“Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.”
- Ansel Adams

Last week, a new Facebook friend gave me a wonderful gift.

“I enjoy the poetry of your camera,” she said.

What beautiful words – and what a beautiful compliment. In seven elegant words, she validated an important source of my photography – saying things with my photos that others might say with their poetry. Radiant things. Hidden things. Difficult things. Magical things. Ordinary things.

I can’t claim that all of my photos are poems, but I can say that I try to find images that go beyond the obvious, the expected, and the first impression.

I thank my new friend for her gift.

The photos that follow were all recorded in the last seven days. I hope that each one has a bit of poetry lurking at the periphery. Enjoy.

Main Street East, Wellington

Tent Chairs, Old Fort Henry, Kingston

Purple Lily in Our Compost Pail

After Bill's Shrimp Feast

In Our Front Yard

Queen Street, Belleville

Belleville Public Library

Old Fort Henry, Kingston

Tree Trimming, Bridge Street East, Belleville

Tomatoes in a Garden Allotment East of Belleville General Hospital

Our Neighbours Abandoned Springs

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