Sunday 3 December 2017

Random Acts of Photography

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera.
You bring to the art of photography all the pictures you have seen,
the books you have read, the music you have heard,
the people you have loved.”
- Ansel Adams, Photographer

I love this quotation from the ineffable American photographer, Ansel Adams. He always places photography in a wider context, well beyond the camera itself. Every time I make a photograph, I am well aware that I bring my entire history and my entire being to that image. It never stands alone. The photograph that I make tomorrow will have a richer context than the photograph that I make today. The photograph that I make the day after that will have an even richer context.

Several things happen as the reality of that photographic continuum sinks in:

1.  My photographs are always evolving and responding to life's experiences.

2. I try not to beat up on myself if a photograph doesn’t live up to expectations or a camera excursion doesn’t go as planned. I learn from today's shortcomings and integrate the lessons into tomorrow’s photographs.

3. Everything that I experience in life – from loving Bill to being awed by the beauty of Tasmania – enriches and gives depth to my photography. Nothing is ever lost. Nothing is ever wasted.

Seen from this perspective, my photographs become a manifestation of my soul. They are, quite literally, a part of me. Warts and and all.

Some notes about the photographs that follow: they were all recorded last week using my new camera, a Sony RX10 Mark IV, aka, my ‘B’ camera. I love my full-frame Canon 6D Mk II, but it is very heavy to lug around all day, especially with a heavy lens. The new camera will be ideal for next February’s trip to Australia. However, I have to acquaint myself with the new camera before heading across the Pacific. The mild weather we’ve been experiencing lately has been ideal for long walks and photography. Nice to learn about my new camera without frozen fingers!

The photos themselves – all random acts of spontaneous photography – come from Toronto and Belleville. I hope you enjoy them.

In front of Toronto City Hall

Skating Rink, Toronto City Hall

Toronto City Hall Upper Walkway

Relaxing in the TORONTO sign in front of City Hall

New condo tower near University Avenue at sunset

Hudson's Bay Store, Queen at Yonge

Elephants wandering around the CIBC Building, King at Bay

TTC Subway Entrance, Union Station

Arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway's 
Holiday Train in Belleville

Belleville Police Officers at the Holiday Train

Mrs. Claus Being Arrested?

Unnamed Drummer at the Holiday Train Concert
(I tried to find his name, but there was nothing on CP's website.)

Duck on Belleville's Waterfront Trail.

Lawn Decorations on Belleville's MacDonald Avenue

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