Sunday 28 July 2019


“Joy will find a way...”
- Brue Cockburn, Canadian Singer and Song Writer

I know I said last week that I might take time off blogging... but this lovely indulgence for creating a weekly post is deeply engrained in my DNA. There are worse things than the discipline of regular writing about photography and the ambiguities of life.

Last week’s blog post featured a lot of heavy lifting. (Let’s hear it for misogyny and homophobia!)

In contrast, this week’s blog post is more contemplative and user-friendly. 

Over the last few days, I’ve just let my camera wander and discover, mostly in downtown Toronto. 

I took the train into Toronto on Wednesday to meet a friend for lunch at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Afterwards, I pursued one of my favourite activities: seeing what Toronto had to offer my camera. And the city didn’t disappoint. It rarely does. And I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I realized while wandering on Wednesday afternoon that my brain had stumbled onto something special: the word enjoyment is built around the word JOY. That had never occurred to me before. Wow – what a great spin it gives to enjoyment, enjoying, and enjoyable! When I checked the internet to see if my revelation were unique, I found that many others had already discovered this joy-ous insight. Oh well. Sounds like I’m in good company, however.

So, in the spirit of enjoyment, not to mention gratitude, I offer these photos of (mostly) downtown Toronto.

As always, enjoy!

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