Sunday 3 November 2019

Blog Post - 3 November 2019

 As I mentioned last week, I’m making changes to my blog. Regular readers who had become accustomed to the previous design will immediately notice the difference. Instead of an interior photograph of our old washing machine...

...the new design features a photograph selected from the collection I’m featuring that week. The background colour is now black, to better showcase the photographs. There will often be more photographs than before, and they'll be larger for easier viewing. The theory is – and please correct me if I’m wrong – that these changes are compatible with desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, and smart phones. 

There will be fewer essays and more comments about individual photos. Sometimes there will be a theme, but not always. I intend to push both myself and my photography more. The new blog format will undoubtedly morph in the weeks ahead, which is good – as long as it doesn’t get stale. Your feedback, as always, is appreciated.

This week’s photographs come from a recent visit to Toronto. Regular readers already know that I am a huge fan of Toronto. I have loved the city since I was a kid and have vivid memories of the thirty years I spent living, working, and thriving there. 

I hope you enjoy the photos.

I have no idea what is going on here. I recorded it in Nathan Phillips Square. It was part of an installation for this year’s Nuit Blanche. Nothing indicated who the artist is.

The secret life of Queen’s Park? Glimpsed outside the Whitney Block, Queen’s Park Crescent East. Love the colour contrasts and lines.

On the patio near the entrance to the Gardiner Museum, east side of Queen's Park, south of Bloor Street West. The water drops are so clearly defined.

Two beautiful Muskoka chairs outside a coffee shop on St. Clair Avenue West near Deer Park Crescent

 “Toronto Man” by Stephan Balkenhol, outside a condo project on St. Clair Avenue West near Avenue Road. I love the cheekiness of this sculpture – it was at least four meters tall. Apparently, not all the neighbours are happy with it.

Once again, I have no idea what’s going on here. It’s a series of children’s inflatable water toys, attached to the wall of a Shoppers Drug Mart on Yonge Street, north of St. Clair. I love the gentle energy of the dapper gentleman walking in front of them.

 The precise choreography of a professional window washer on the east side of Yonge Street, just north of Eglinton Avenue.

Stacked outdoor chairs at Harbourfront Centre. The hand adds a dose of humanity - or perhaps creepiness - to the image.

I call this “Creepy Spy Guy” on the boardwalk in front of Harbourfront Centre. Pure interpretation on my part, of course. For all I know, he could earn his living singing lullabies. But he WAS staring intently at everyone walking by.

I was told this is a delegation of Chinese business people visiting Toronto. They’re walking along the Harbourfront boardwalk. And, yes, creepy spy guy was staring at them. Or singing them lullabies...

 Such a beautiful couple! They were so affectionate with each other – and totally oblivious to everything going on around them. Near the pond in front of Harbourfront Centre.

A cascade of condos. Harbourfront/Queen’s Quay West.

Best sweat shirt ever. Sitting on a bench by the Harbourfront boardwalk.

In search of the perfect selfie. Love the colours.

Such a face! I love its contours and hard-earned lines. Location: Harbourfront near Queen’s Quay Terminal at the foot of York Street.

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