Sunday, 22 March 2020

Blog Post, 22 March 2020: "Spring Emergent #1 - Colour Splashes!"

 We are living through strange times.

Just as we were getting ready to greet spring here in Canada, COVID-19 lurched into our lives. The realities of social isolation, elbow taps, two-metre safety zones, voluntary quarantines, and empty toilet paper shelves suddenly became part of our vocabulary. 

For me, the dissonance between relishing the newly warm weather while being admonished not to hug friends was disquieting. 

Thus, it has been a season of incongruities. 

For my blog posts over the next three weeks, I’m exploring visual incongruities. The photos all come from my wanders around east-end Belleville. As the snow melted, various bits of abandoned detritus materialized in the disappearing snow banks – trash, gloves, hats, food containers – hostages that had been waiting to emerge from the snow’s captivity.

There is a grittiness to these photos that I find appealing. The reality is that when spring arrives, untidy winter has left behind a legacy of dirt, grime, and faded glories. These photos play with that process. They aren’t traditionally beautiful photos, but they do have a charm, especially for winter-weary Canadians who experience them as harbingers of spring. 

They remind us that despite any current unpleasantness, a new day will dawn. The seeds of spring will prevail – ultimately. 

My trusty companion for my Belleville walks was Edna, our gentle, loving Basset Hound. Bless her for her patience!

I hope you enjoy these gritty photos.

Larry Tayler Photography
Belleville, Ontario, Canada  


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  1. what an eclectic collection of items the snow melt has left behind, the invisibles
    Stay safe