Sunday 10 May 2020

Blog Post, May 10, 2020: "The Journeys Ahead"

A reflection this week on the journeys ahead. 

Note the plural – journeys. 

The first journey is the one we are all travelling as we adjust to the COVID-19 world. In the weeks – months – years ahead, we will be adapting to the altered dynamics of existence. 

Questions to consider: How will we ensure equity and fairness in this new world? Will we embrace a guaranteed annual income to cushion the impact of future disruptions? How can we ensure that nursing homes and long-term care facilities protect both their residents and their workers? How do essential workers get paid enough to match their importance? How can we use the pandemic as an opportunity to embrace a low-carbon world? How will our democracy adapt to an increasingly virtual world? Same question for our hospitals, schools, businesses, and courts. What will our workplaces look like? And our restaurants, theatres, playing fields, concert halls, and tourist attractions? How will newspapers and social media evolve?

And how will our artists – professional adapters that they are – respond to the new realities? 

There will be blessings and bumps along the way.

The second journey is the one that Bill and I are embarking upon – selling our beautiful home in Belleville and moving to our new home in Picton. How will the current uncertainties affect this process? We could have backed out of the purchase, but we decided to dive in with all flags flying. Are we sages? Or fools? Or both? In any case, this second journey will weave back and forth with the first journey, with question marks blossoming along the path. And yet again, there will be blessings and bumps.

In the midst of so much uncertainty, my camera continues to be a source of creativity and engagement. And, as I’ve already written, our Basset Hound, Edna, has been a marvellous companion on my daily expeditions.

There is no profound theme in this collection of east-end Belleville photos. About the only things holding them together are their humour and celebration of colour. Enjoy.

And one last Bill and I prepare to sell our home and move, my posts may become shorter and less frequent. Thank you for your understanding.

Larry Tayler Photography
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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