Sunday 19 July 2020

Blog Post #186 - "Bits of Beauty" - July 19, 2020

Blog Post #186 – 19 July 2020
Bits of Beauty

It’s time to celebrate bits of beauty. I’ve dipped into my file of photos made during the peak of Covid-19 isolation to find images that don’t fit any particular theme but that deserve to be seen. They range from a snow-covered daffodil in our back yard to a wonderful old neighbourhood dog. I’ve even thrown in a close-up of my husband’s prized pickled eggs!

Bill and I are coming to the end of our sojourn in Belleville. We bought our house here almost seven years ago, a year before I retired. We moved full-time from Toronto six years ago. Those six years have been filled with gifts, challenges, and wonderful memories, but it is now time for us to go back home – to Prince Edward County. For those unfamiliar with Ontario’s geography, Prince Edward County – not to be confused with Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast – is a large island on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Our new house will be in Picton, the main town of Prince Edward County. It’s about a 25-minute drive south of Belleville. Our moving date is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8. Once August arrives, life will be very busy – packing, organizing, and saying good-byes. I plan to write two more weekly blog posts before going on hiatus. Next week, I want to write about some odd photos I’ve made during Covid-19 times, and then I’ll finish off with the third part of my conversations about racism. Once we get settled into Picton, I plan to re-start my photography, writing, and blog posts, likely in early autumn.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the bits of beauty in these photos.

Larry Tayler Photography
Belleville, Ontario


  1. a great eclectic collection Larry, love the black squirrel, so cute

    1. Thanks, Suellen. It was great fun trolling through the photo files!
      As for squirrels, cute they are, but they’re also feasting on a small tree in our front yard and regularly attack our garbage pail on pick-up day. Bill and I snarl at them periodically.
      At the school where I taught for many years, we often had exchange students from Australia. Many of them had the goal of getting photographed with a squirrel, preferably after the first snow fall, to send home!