Saturday 18 December 2021

December, 2021 Blog Entry - Gratitude for the Prince Edward County Photography Club

 As I put 2021 into perspective, I am left with conflicting emotions. 

This year has been filled with miracles, starting with Bill’s liver transplant in July and his marvellous recovery. Making Bill’s transplant possible was the remarkable generosity of his daughter, Kate, who was his liver donor. Her recovery has been equally marvellous. 


At the same time, this year has seen grief and loss. Too many relatives and friends have died, with little public way to mourn them. Our Tayler family picnic next August will be missing four dear souls.


And while I am immensely grateful for my three COVID vaccine doses – not to mention Bill’s three – I know that the distribution of the vaccines around the planet has been tragically flawed and inequitable. 


During the pandemic, as one sage observed, we have not all been in the same boat. We have all been in the same storm, but we have been in wildly different boats.


There is no way to square these contradictions. At the end of the day, I muddle through the best I can.


An important part of muddling through for me has been the daily invocation of gratitude – profound, humbling gratitude – for both the ordinary and the extraordinary blessings in my life.


One of those blessings is the Prince Edward County Photography Club. The club membership comprises a wide range of talented people, each possessing a love of photography. Although we have not met in person for almost two years, the Club has continued to offer monthly theme challenges and activities to keep our cameras clicking and our minds engaged. The monthly cycle of projects and deadlines has been most helpful in keeping me organized and focused on the world beyond my navel. Instead of stagnating during the pandemic, my photography skills have sharpened. My gratitude for the club and its activities runs deep.


With that in mind, I want to dedicate this month’s blog entry to the Prince Edward County Photography Club. I’ve posted twelve photos below – one per month – that I have submitted in response to club themes and activities. I hope you enjoy looking at them.


Until next month, have a gracious solstice, a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, and a healthy new year. And stay safe.

January Theme: Black & White Photography
VIA Station, Belleville
Check a variation of this image 
in the November photo below.

February Theme: Shades of White
County Traders, Bloomfield

March Theme: Colourful Abstractions
Variations on the Underside of the Grand Staircase 
of the Sydney Opera House

April Field Trip: H. R. Frank Conservation Area, 
north of Belleville 
New growth in the wetlands

May Field Trip: Sheffield Conservation Area,
north of Napanee
Purple Cadillac in a nearby field

June Theme: Macro Magic
Detail of a Mark Armstrong glass pear, Wellington

July Theme: Taking Flight
Gulls at Point Peter

August Theme: Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer
The Yorkville Rock, Toronto

September Theme: Geometrically Speaking
Outdoor Bar, Tucker's Corners, near Belleville

October Theme: Autumn Glory
View from Prince Edward County's Millennium Trail,
Between Wellington and Bloomfield

November Theme: Studio Magic
Using Photoshop, I transformed the January photo by adding to the background "Conquering Doubt", a painting by Callen Schaub (Art Gallery of Ontario)

December Theme: Anything Goes!
I combined a 2019 Iowa Monarch Butterfly photo with a 2019 photo of runners exercising in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia.

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