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Tasmania's East Coast

Australia Blog #12 – 21 April 2019
Tasmania’s East Coast

It was good to be back on Tasmania’s east coast again. We had spent a very pleasant week last year in a cabin near Little Swanport from which we could hear the nearby ocean. The fact that the cabin was in the middle of a sheep paddock made it that much more interesting! This year, we spent two days in Falmouth, further up the east coast from Little Swanport. No sheep paddock this time – instead, we had a round house that looked like a yurt. Great fun! You know what they say about the advantage of a round house – the devil can’t corner you, or so my Grandmother Walters used to say.

This location was ideal for exploring a section of the coast line that we hadn’t visited before, especially the beautiful Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve, an 80-hectare jewel that was a photographer’s gift. Three of the photos that accompany this post come from the Curtis reserve.

We also explored St. Helens, Mount Pearson Reserve, Denison Rivulet, Bicheno, and the Devil’s Corner Winery. Look them up on your Tasmanian atlas!

Reviewing these photos has made me nostalgic. This is a very special part of the planet, and I hope it will always retain its wild edge and magic. As the pervasive car stickers you see all over Tasmania say, “Keep Tassie Wild.”

Alas, this is the last blog post about Tasmania until we return. Date: tba.

Next week, I’ll post about our time in Canberra, Australia’s capital. Not wild and woolly, like Tasmania, but well worth a visit.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Banksia, Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve

Early morning dew drops, Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve

Banksia, Winifred Curtis Scamander Reserve

Bikers on the Tasman Highway

A wise sign!

Devil's Corner Winery, Apslawn

Sea Grass, Bicheno

Denison Rivulet

Denison Rivulet

Tasmanian Waratah, St. Helen's

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