Sunday, 29 December 2019

Blog Post - December 29, 2019 - Colouring My World

Our three family gatherings over Christmas this year were wonderfully warm and enjoyable. Each gathering had its own energy and rhythm; each left me feeling blessed beyond measure. And each was an opportunity for profound gratitude.

The gatherings took place in three different locations: the first at Chris and Jenny’s place in Toronto; the second at our place here in Belleville; and the third at Kate and Tim’s place in nearby Stirling. Each of the three homes has its own sense of warmth and welcome. was the gathering in Toronto that was most interesting for my camera, primarily because of the dynamic decor. Wonderfully wild and eclectic visual feast...and my camera loved it! 

The photos that follow, all made in Chris and Jenny’s east-end Toronto home, give you a flavour of what greets you when you enter their front door. Thank you to Chris and Jenny for allowing me to photograph their home and to post the photos online. 

These photos provide a fine way to close out 2019 and to prepare the way for 2020. They are stimulating, energizing, and life-affirming. May these qualities transfer over to the year ahead. 

With every best wish for a happy, healthy new year.

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