Sunday 5 January 2020

Blog Post - 5 January 2020 - Bloomfield at Night

To start off the new year – a look back at the beautiful village of Bloomfield on the evening of Friday, November 29. For those unfamiliar with Ontario geography, Bloomfield is located in the centre of Prince Edward County. I spent a lot of time in Bloomfield as a child in the 1950s when my maternal grandparents lived there. Once a bustling agricultural community with canning factories and a railway station, Bloomfield today is best known for its boutiques, its Air B&B listings – and its annual nighttime Santa Claus Parade.

I have been experimenting with urban night photography (without a tripod) and decided to use Bloomfield as a testing ground – a good opportunity to play around with camera settings. I’ve already posted photos of the parade itself, but this set of photos features the village before the parade began. Many of my photos I made that evening were forgettable, but a few have a certain magic. It seemed that most homes had their curtains open to allow the household light to shine out into the night as a way of welcoming guests to the community. The photography was a learning experience, to be sure, but I now have renewed respect for people who do nighttime photography without a tripod. I want to work on these skills, but meanwhile the photos below give you a sense of the light and magic that were afoot in Bloomfield that evening. Enjoy!

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