Sunday 19 January 2020

Blog Post - 19 January 2020 - Squirrelling Photos Part 1

This winter is the first time in three years that Bill and I haven’t escaped to Australia. Call us LDMS: Long Distance Marsupial Snowbirds. The reality of winter’s daily grind is currently snow-blowing its way through my soul.

I’ve never been a fan of winter and have to steel myself for blizzards, snow shovelling, ice scrapping, shivering...all while pretending that winter really IS good for my Canadian soul. And photography in the winter isn’t my favourite. Frozen fingers and cameras don’t work for me. 

Having said that, photography in the winter can be magical, especially on those spectacularly sunny days with a blue sky that feeds the soul. Alas, there haven’t been many of those days this winter. Most days have been standard-issue grey...

My dislike of frozen-finger photography can be problematic, however, when I try to post a blog entry each week that features new photographs. This winter, without the prospect of extended time in Australia’s warmth to inspire my camera, I decided to emulate the squirrels by collecting photos in advance. Meaning that I’ve been squirrelling away new photos since October to post over the winter months. I’m not sure how long my stash will last, but at least for a few weeks.

So, please enjoy these autumn images, all recorded in Belleville and Prince Edward County!

Hat on Tree, Bridge Street East, Belleville

Tree Removal, Hillier

Christmas Roof Bird, Bertram Street,  Belleville

Unhappy Barn Door, Highway 33 near Wellington

Storm Damage 1, Rosehall

Storm Damage 2, Rosehall

Canadian Pacific Railway Tracks,  Belleville

Our Neighbour's Throne

Creepy Stuffie, Waterfront Trail, Belleville

Halloween Decorations, Bridge Street East, Belleville

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