Saturday 8 April 2017

Australian Wanderings, Part 7

Another day of wandering and discovering in Sydney. We started off at the Australian National Maritime Museum, wandered around the Darling Harbour/Pyrmont area, and then headed off through Chinatown (very clean and graffiti-free, unlike Toronto’s Chinatown) to the famous Paddy’s Market in Haymarket. After lunch at Paddy’s, we walked to the impressive Powerhouse Museum and saw displays about everything from the history of contraceptives to Victorian era steam locomotives. So many treats for the eye and the mind! On tomorrow’s agenda: a tour of the Sydney Opera House at 9am, a stroll through the Pitt Street Mall, and then watching Jungle Book - The Musical at the King Street Theatre. Our friend Maria and her husband, Markus, operate the King Street Theatre ( - this will be the first chance for us to see one of their productions. “This is not the Disney version,” warns their publicity!

Enjoy these photos!

Building reflection, Darling Harbour

Roof line, Darling Harbour 

Ropes on Captain Cook's HMB Endeavour, Australian National Maritime Museum

Ship bits, Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian Coat of Arms, Australian National Maritime Museum

Stairs near Pyrmont Bridge

Flags near Pyrmont Bridge

Wetsren Distributor near Darling Harbour

Stairs, Paddy's Market, Haymarket

Fairy Lights, Paddy's Market, Haymarket

Costumes for sale, Paddy's Market, Haymarket

Mankinis for sale, Paddy's Market, Haymarket

Persimmons for sale, Paddy's Market, Haymarket

White Dragon Fruits for sale, Paddy's Market, Haymarket

Spider web gym outside Powerhouse Museum

Flying Doctor plane, Powerhouse Museum

Across the road from the Powerhouse Museum

Digital kaleidoscope, Powerhouse Museum

19th century figures on stage coach, Powerhouse Museum

Stairs, Powerhouse Museum

Light transit outside Powerhouse Museum

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