Thursday 13 April 2017

Australian Wanderings Part 9 - Wodonga!

After a very restful overnight stay in Albury, we headed out Wednesday morning for Melbourne. Before we could get seriously underway, there were two quilting shops to visit, one in Albury and the other in nearby Wodonga, just across the Murray River in Victoria.

The Wodonga shop, Carolyn Konig Designs (link), was in the country just south of the city. Carolyn is a gracious, knowledgeable quilter whom Bill liked immediately. While the two of them chatted up a storm and Bill was choosing fabric to buy, I spent half an hour - with Carolyn’s permission - wandering around her picturesque property with my camera. What a treat! Thank you, Carolyn, for the welcoming landscape that you and your husband have created. 

I hope you enjoy the photos below.


  1. You and Bill arrived out of the "blue" as strangers and we quickly felt like friends with common interests. Larry, we live in a beautiful part of this world, and you have captured some wonderful moments around our garden with your amazing photography. May we cross paths again with our passions. What a great visit! Enjoy your traveling journey. thankyou. Carolyn König.

  2. Thank you, Carolyn, for your kind words. You do, indeed, live in a beautiful part of this world.