Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Wandering Australia Part 3

On Monday, Bill and I explored the magical Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Our hosts for the day were Rob and Bron Connell, the owners of Sydney Great Escapes (sydneygreatescapes.com). Bron is our son-in-law Tim’s sister, and her husband, Rob, is the driver and chief storyteller - and a fine host he is! If you are ever in Sydney and you want to explore the incredible Blue Mountains, book one of Rob’s tours. 

The photos that follow are of our time in the Blue Mountains on Monday, including a visit to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. It was a brooding, misty day that made the Blue Mountains even moodier and marvellous than normal. Bill and I even bought hats at The Hattery in Katoomba. (See above photo.) Katoomba is also the home of the fabled Three Sisters. The Three Sisters were shrouded in mist, but the hats are great! Bill's is made in Ireland, while mine is an Akubra - proudly made in Australia!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photo by staff at the Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Photo by Rob Connell.

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  1. Loving your millions of words (a picture being worth...) If we weren't so blissfully happy in Victoria, I would be pining. Off to read your other stories.