Wednesday 7 February 2018

Australian Adventures 2018 - Part 1

Australian Adventures – 2018
Part 1

Ah, what a blessing to be back in Australia! And a double blessing to be sharing the experience with Bill for the second time. We are planning a longer stay this time – almost six weeks. The first week is in Sydney, a city pulsing with energy and grand urban style. We are sharing this first week with our dear Belleville friends Lindi and Denis, who are also travelling around Australia.

Our Air Canada flight from Vancouver was uneventful, as such flights should be. The highlight was five-month-old Hudson who, along with his parents, shared the centre bulkhead row with us. Hudson was a marvel and great company. He celebrated landing on Australian soil by projectile vomiting his breakfast as we pulled up to the terminal. Not a problem. Everyone – parents, Bill, crew – all swung into action and got things cleaned up quickly. I would gladly share another flight with Hudson and his parents any time. Bill, of course, was in heaven – a fresh baby to play with!

My photos: I plan to post regularly as we move around Australia. I have given myself two challenges for my photography this time. The first is to use a 1:1 aspect ratio for the photos. There’s no portrait vs landscape decisions to be made – they’re all 1:1, as opposed to the usual 4:3 aspect ratio. I want to encourage my eyes to reframe what they see while avoiding predictable symmetry. (Thank you, Ken, for this useful insight.) My other challenge is to focus on shapes, textures, lines, tones, and non-traditional subjects. There are a few photos of people in today’s posting, but they are in the minority.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I have making them!

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Botanical Gardens Fountain

Archibald Fountain Detail, Hyde Park

Darling Harbour Cafe

Holden Ute, now sadly out of production. 
There are no auto factories left in Australia.

Woolloomooloo Cafe

Woolloomooloo Yacht

Bennelong Restaurant, Sydney Opera House

Window cleaner, Sydney Opera House

Near the Sydney Fish Market. An appropriate sentiment.

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