Friday, 23 February 2018

Australian Adventures 2018 - Part 7

Part 7 – Huon Valley Retreat

After two busy weeks in Sydney and Hobart, Bill and I are relaxing into a gentle week in the Huon Valley. Located about 45 minutes southwest of Hobart, the Huon Valley is a respite from the manic energy of Sydney and the hectic charms of Hobart.

Named after the French explorer Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec, the Huon Valley straddles the Huon River, which flows into the Tasman Sea. The fertile valley is known for both its agriculture and its fishing. And it’s quiet.

Bill, who is an expert at finding perfect Airbnb locations, outdid himself with our accommodations this week. Our hosts have a rural property that sits near the top of the valley looking northward into the infinite distance. Our cabin is beside their home, although we are hardly aware of their presence…except for the welcome visits of their dog, Tess, who checks in with us regularly, much to our delight. Our hosts have a commitment to living sustainably, so the cabin is constructed mainly from recycled material. Water comes from nearby water tanks that are fed from the often-unpredictable rain. Hot water comes from a roof-mounted solar unit. And we are living luxuriously! The huge windows across the entire front of the cabin have a view that is simply magnificent. When I wake up in the morning, I open my eyes and see forever. Not too shabby at all!

And Bill, besides creating delicious meals for us, is dyeing fabric with eucalyptus leaves. Each day, we go out for an excursion before settling in for an evening in paradise. Meanwhile, my camera and I are exploring the roads nearby, making friends with the Herefords across the road and watching for Tiger snakes…just to keep life interesting!

I am, dear reader, enjoying the slow pace of life in the Huon Valley.

The photos: a sample from our first few days here. I plan to post more by Sunday. Sit back and enjoy this very special corner of the universe.

Twilight: Our hosts' home on the left 
and our cabin on the right.

View from our cabin.

Our cabin at dusk.
Yes, that's Bill in bed on the right!

The neighbour's Herefords.

Nearby mailboxes. Tasmanians have great 
fun with their rural mailboxes!

Another neighbour's mailbox.

A succulent down the road.

A wildly exuberant nearby tree. 
Must find out what kind it is.

Excursion to a second-hand store in nearby Margate.

Excursion to Peppermint Bay for lunch.

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