Saturday 24 February 2018

Australian Adventures 2018 - Part 8

Part 8 – The Huon Valley: A Gift for the Soul

“I find myself mesmerized, caught in a transfixed gaze.
Moments like these are freely given, a daily event,
Though we rarely make the effort to pause and 
become part of their story.”
- Paul Fleming,
PAUSE – A Collection of Tasmanian Moments
(Moonah, Tasmania, 2016)

Two Saturdays ago, I bought a copy of Tasmanian photographer Paul Fleming's book of images and reflections at the Salamanca Market in Hobart. What a treasure! Fleming travels this island recording its beauty and magic. When I’m back in Canada, this book will help remind me of my love for Tasmania.

Thank you, Paul Fleming.

Fleming’s photographs are also a reminder that the magic of a place – and the magic of a moment – can be discovered in the smallest detail, the kind of detail that escapes me if I’m not observing mindfully.

Which brings me to the Huon Valley and our week-long retreat in its embrace. Simply put, the Huon Valley is a gift to the soul. Wandering the dirt roads near our cabin with my camera this week has been a blessing – I have become lost in the moments that Fleming celebrates in his photographs and writing.

I hope these photos bring you a sense of what I’m loving about the Huon Valley – its quiet power and understated beauty. We are already planning a return visit next year. My camera and I are looking forward to it.

In the meantime, enjoy.

Signs of early autumn

Eucalyptus leaves that Bill is using for dyeing fabric

Dawn in the Huon Valley

Fishing boats in the nearby Huon River

Graces Road, Glaziers Bay, near our cabin

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