Sunday 16 February 2020

Blog Post - 16 February 2020: Tasmanian Memories #1

I have been feeling nostalgic this week – Tasmania has been calling out to me. My mind and heart are in a time warp because a year ago right now and two years ago right now, Bill and I were in Tasmania. It’s been a shock for my body coping with an entire February in Canada. 

I’m not whining – really, I’m not whining. I’m just – um – adjusting. Yes, that’s it. I’m adjusting.

Meanwhile, to sooth my soul, I’ve been going through my 2019 collection of Tasmanian photos and decided to dedicate the next two blog posts to my other heart home. The photos today are various flowers and birds that we found in and around Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley, where we lived for five weeks. 

Our cabin was perched on top of a hill. From the cabin’s vast picture windows, we could see the entire Huon Valley stretching off into the distance. 

Glorious, just glorious.

Our daily routine was idyllic. Waking up with the morning sun and having breakfast. Then, Bill settling into quilt making on ‘his’ side of the cabin, and me settling into writing and photo editing on ‘my’ side of the cabin. Around midday, driving to one of the little restaurants in the area for lunch, followed by sightseeing and grocery shopping. Then arriving back at our cabin by mid-afternoon. Bill returning to his quilts, and me heading out on foot to wander the local roads with my camera. By late afternoon, starting to think about dinner. Actually, Bill starting to think about dinner – me settling into reading. (I married well, my friends...) Then having a late dinner, accompanied by good conversation and decent wine. Soon, it was time for bed. Copy and paste the next day. 

As I said, glorious, just glorious.

I hope you enjoy these photos. What a treat it was to rediscover them on my hard drive. To be continued next week – and maybe even beyond that. Seeing these photos again is helping me ‘adjust’!

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