Sunday 2 February 2020

Blog Post, February 2, 2020: Squirrelling Photos, Part 2

Once again, I draw on my photo stash. 

This time, however, I’m doing it differently. Normally, I use editing software – Lightroom and Photoshop – very lightly. On the whole, I want my photos to tell the same story I saw when I recorded them, rather than goose the colour levels for the ‘black velvet painting’ look. 

To paraphrase the Bible, however, "In photography’s house, there are many mansions." Not to mention approaches to photo editing, so to each their own. (This would be the unauthorized version of the Bible.)

I’m making an exception this week, mostly because I’m tired of winter’s relentless greys. The seasonal colour palette is wearing thin. I want more pow-pow. (And I’m missing the warmth of Australia...)

These ten photos started life modestly (read: boring), at least in the depths of Canadian winter. Enter Lightroom with its editing options to magnify and transform. Some would say distort.

So, yes, these photos have spent time in the make-up chair. 

I hope you enjoy them. 

New apartment building, Dundas Street West, Belleville

Sumach near barn, Prince Edward County Road 23

Bushes, Prince Edward County Road 23

Coats for sale at Wintermarket 2019, Picton

Hilary Rice wall hanging 
with Otis pillow (unknown artist) in front

Diving Lady (unknown artist) in our backyard, Belleville

Grocery carts, Loblaws store, Leaside

Donlands Avenue at O'Connor Drive, Toronto

Anna's birthday Mac & Cheese, December. 2019

Bad Dollies creation, Wintermarket 2019, Picton

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  1. THANK YOU for the light and heat! These are every one a delight.