Sunday 23 February 2020

Blog Post - 23 February 2020: Tasmanian Memories, Part 2

Another visual indulgence...

Last week I waxed eloquent – yet again – about the joys of Tasmania. 

Here’s Part 2. And – yet again – most of these photos were recorded within a walking radius of about 3 kilometres from our cabin in the Huon Valley. I have walked these roads many times and recognize individual trees... fields... cows... shrubs... spider webs. One of the most magical elements of the Huon Valley is its ever-changing lighting. Every day, I saw something new, or saw it again, literally in a new light. 

Walking the back roads of Tasmania also requires vigilance. The venomous Tiger Snake (typical length: about 1.2 m) can be very nasty indeed, especially if it has been disturbed unexpectedly. Normally very shy, the Tiger Snake can strike very quickly if it feels threatened. It is seen more commonly during the warm months and prefers staying underground during cooler weather. The first day we arrived at our cabin last year, a Tiger Snake had been found on the property. The local ‘snake guy’ had removed it, so we never actually saw it. It was a reminder that you have to keep your wits about you outdoors. The precautions are simple: wear trousers and scan the ground ahead of you while walking. I found that I adjusted quickly on my regular walks – it was just another layer of awareness that you built in. In several weeks of walking – and scanning – I never saw a Tiger Snake. For which I am grateful.

The photos today have no particular theme, other than the fact that they’re beautiful – or at least, they are for me. I hope you enjoy them. Take your time. And keep an eye open for any Tiger Snakes...

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